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The September Stretch Drive

What a privilege we have! As the Father sent the Son in the world, the Son sends us in the world. He lived in the will of God. He had a spirit of submission to the Father. Do I have any lack of submission? Do I have any rebellion? Authority is ours not because we deserve it but because we have the position with Jesus that He made possible for us.

We are in Him. And He is all powerful. It was always being demonstrated. He sent out His disciples and gave them power. All of us have received this authority, and with seamless oneness we can walk it out every day as we depend upon Him. Leave this field empty. Matthew NKJV.

But if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit who dwells in you. Romans NKJV. The other day I was on the phone with an insurance man and he asked me what I did for a living. I replied that I am a Pastor. I knew this was not a phone call about insurance, but a phone call about assurance!

I explained that it is about relationship and not about regulations and the law, and that none of us could ever live up to that. That is why Jesus came—to reconcile us to the love and fellowship of the Father as in the beginning, in the Garden of Eden before the fall of Adam and Eve. He was crying out for truth. I was speaking under the power and the authority of the Holy Ghost. I am always amazed as the Holy Spirit guides the conversation and says just what the other person needs exactly at the moment they need it, and exactly how they need to hear it.

It is such a privilege! And I can tell you that I hate these phone calls and making decisions about insurance. You have to stay ALL IN so you can recognize what is going on and speak forth with power and authority! If you would have called five minutes sooner, you would have gotten someone else.

And you should just pray with me right now and God will not only bring comfort to you, but He will change you from the inside out. These were not empty words that were spoken. They were words carrying the power of GOD. But the power of God inside of me did. And he responded to it beautifully. He promised he would read the Bible and that he would get back to me on how he was doing. What a privilege! The power of the Gospel is found all throughout the Book of Acts where we see people doing what Jesus did and even greater things than He did.

The Church is to be about making statements about the Kingdom of God. After Jesus set captives free and healed diseases, He presented the Gospel clearly and announced the Kingdom of God is here. For us to do the ministry of Jesus, we are going to need a power that is greater than what we possess in and of ourselves.

Nobody can be neutral about Him. Now there may be some politician and you are neutral about him. Are you for him, or against him? Think about that. You know, if you have wronged me and you come to me and ask for forgiveness, I can forgive you for the sins that you have done against me. But let us suppose that you have wronged someone else.

Can I forgive you the sins that you have done against someone else? Yet Jesus did that. So what is He? Is He a liar? Is He a lunatic, making these astounding claims? Is He just a legend? Is all this just made up? Well we have too much historical evidence for anyone to accept that. Or is He Lord?

Those are your options.

2018 Fasting Guide – Day Ten

It is a matter of the work of the Holy Spirit in the human heart because all of the evidence in the world cannot convince someone who is absolutely determined not to believe. And why is it that we by nature are determined not to believe? We must worship Him. We must come to receive salvation, and our only response is to yield to His authority, and to His will and to recognize His exclusivity that there can be no other allegiances, no room for other religions, no room for contradictory beliefs. Christ is who He says He is, and He becomes the focus of our thoughts, of our minds, and of our hearts.

I need no other argument. I need no other plea. It is enough that Jesus died, and that He died for me. Do you confess Him today as Messiah, as Son of the living God? But He is the Christ for you personally because you have seen Him to be yours and to be your Savior. Benjamin Franklin! Helmut Thielicke, the great theologian, said that as a boy he was driving through Southern Germany on a bike trip and was very hungry — ravenously hungry - because he did not have breakfast. And at mid-morning he came to a little village and there was a shop, and on the window was written hot rolls.

And he could hardly wait to get off of his bike. Already his gastric juices were beginning to develop within his body.

The keys to the kingdom

When he got in he discovered that they never sold hot rolls at all. It was just a print shop and they had the sign out there to show the various kinds of lettering they were able to produce. Words without heartfelt affection, without understanding that not just that Jesus died as Messiah, but that He died for me, and that I am His because He has redeemed me! No church can save you.

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No creed can save you. No religious commitment can save you. No desire to do better can save you. Only the miracle of God can save you. Have you believed like that? Are you willing to let God work in your heart to show you the truth? Let Him speak to you right now. Our Father, we thank You today for the revelation of Your truth in the Scripture. We thank You for Peter who saw the light, and because he saw the light, his name belongs to You forever. Lord, we think of those who are in this congregation who have heard Your word over and over and over again.

‎The King the Keys and the Kingdom, Vol. 3 (Live) by Dr. Myles Munroe on Apple Music

Oh God, remove the blinders. Remove the rationalizations. I pray that You might take from all of us the natural stubbornness and reluctance of the heart, and help us to see You for who You are. Grant us that, Lord, because we are needy. And now before I close this prayer, I want you to pray, whether you are listening by radio or here in this auditorium.

Have you grasped Christ for yourself? Help my unbelief. I want Your Holy Spirit to save me right now. Pray to Him. Open your life to Him.

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Father, the Word has been preached. The miracle is up to You.

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You must do the impossible. We leave every single person who has listened to this message in Your hands. From here on we are helpless. We can fish in the most improbable places, at the most inappropriate times, and even among impossible people. Jesus alone has the words of eternal life. No one else has any answers. Whatever your need may be, the answer is found in Christ. The cross of Christianity is not an ornament. The needs of people and the glory of Christ are linked together.

Our greatest need is to have faith that He can and will supply our needs. Christ knows who you are; Christ knows who you can be; and Christ has the power to transform you. If the trials and prisons of life take us into the darkest times of our lives, God is with us. He will never abandon us. Be faithful where God has planted you. Serve Christ every single day. Your faithfulness will meet you again and be multiplied by God. Call Now. MoodyChurch Media. Lutzer March 15, Please enable javascript to listen this sermon. Pop-up Player.

Download Audio. Quick Read Transcript Share Feedback. And if you are here today and you have believed on Him you know the words of the song, I need no other argument. Were you blessed by this sermon? We'd love to hear how you were blessed, challenged or encouraged. Other Sermons in this Series. When you admit who you are and what your sins are, Jesus can change you. There is a total unavoidability about Christ: no one can be neutral about Him.