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Now on to the updates. We only had to play it 60 times to flip it black. Here is what I remember.

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The single arrow is much harder to find than the crossed arrows and for some reason when it on big and on the chair in the front is when we would overlook it the most. It does. It doesn't have any pictures that show locations. You are on your own. I am going to put the link right here. More as because it is a little funny and really needs an update than as help. Like I said these are mini updates.

I intend to do more thorough update when play these locations more than 60 times in a row. The wiki is not going to help much. Here it is. The fan likes to hide on the grey and gold picture. Behind the wall divider. Under the overhang of the porch and up in the rafters with the sword.

You can get a couple of really nice collection here. The other two collections yeah not so much. This goes for both locations. Neither location is very hard. They don't seem to favor any one MODE. Broom, swords, spears and that darn harpoon on the dock all seem to be especially tricky for me. Nice post again, Alana. And my husband is about as far from Sheldon as can be. But maybe I do have a little cougar crush on Sheldon. Just a quick update. We haven't made much progress on Candyworld due to the Holiday and work.

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Plus I took a day off for art therapy. Thanks again for all of the Investigators Badges. You all are so stupendous! We have enough badges right now. Thank you for asking. We haven't much time to work on Candy World yet. Because of RL. We will get hopping on it soon to get passes to the new location. As always any pass is always welcome. Thought I would give an update. We made a heck of dent in Candyworld today. Thanks so much for everyone sending gifts on our ever changing WL today. We never got Mermaid Hair so quick in our life! You all are the superstars of friends. We made it all the way to Virtuoso today.

Here are some sneak peek tips you could use any room. Anomalize your board and never play those modes again. Or as long as you can keep your board covered so you can throw an anomaly the room where these pop up. Pause the game look for everything at your leisure using only one Magic Lantern instead of 3 or 4.

This will involve going back and forth between the game and your picture. No magic Lanterns slightly scroll in do a slow sweep of the room from bottom to top more stuff is usually on the floor. Make note of where other objects are the best you can. Scroll back out and keep searching until you find everything. Look out of the corner of your eye. The fight or flight instinct in you will catch movement out of the corner of your eye better than staring straight on. Look for things that just seem odd.

For example why is a scroll in Candyworld? Oh it's a scrolling pin. Look at one place count to 5 see is anything in that place changes, move on repeat. Look for things you know have changed in that room before. If all else fails slowly but not to slow click on everything that you usually have to find in that room one at a time. Take a few screen shots close together. Every 5 seconds. Compare the pictures. Look for changed or missing objects.

When the objects change they go missing for a second or two. Try covering or only looking at half the screen at a time. Find all the matches on that side. Do the same for the other side. Then see what you have left. Click on something to see if has a match it should get a highlight. You don't have to find the match right away but you know to be on lookout for it. Hopefully we will be finishing up Candyworld soon and I can give you an tips on that. Have a fantastic night.

Alana Thanks so much for those tips! I will be soon interested in any tips for Candyworld!

Dark Seeker

I hate it! I love the tips for dark mode! Gonna try those later! I have to use 4 always!

That is my worst mode! I will also try match mode tips! Thanks so much! Anything I can send! Just post on my wall and I will tt for ye! Hi Alana, Wow you guys are doing very well. Candy World was one of my least favourite rooms. If I ever have to go back there your tips will come in handy. AileenR I am happy to hear that the tips are helpful. If anyone wants some tips on Haunted Lights and Treasure Box let me know. Sandra That's good to hear. We are not a fan of Candyworld either and will quite happy when we are finished with. The best thing I can say about it so far is that is giving us plenty of passes for the Fair.

We got around yesterday. If I failed, I just started again.

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With that attitude, the stress dropped and I got better at the puzzle games with practice. Now I will use tools if I have enough, and am very close to winning. But I am convinced those 2 puzzles will sometimes make you fail. Like when your time is running out, and you still need to get 12 blue lights, but the entire board only has 3 blue lights, and no matter how many bulbs you remove, the blues just don't drop. Or when you need to clear one more square to clear TB, and it is on the opposite side of the board, and there are NO moves on that side of the board.

Take a second before you even start to look and really know MODE you will be playing. I don't know how many times Gary and I have screwed ourselves by not knowing what we were doing until half our time was already gone. Turn off that dang countdown timer music and watch the clock yourself. When you first start the game take a screenshot, pause the game, study the board decide what your first move is going to be.

You can pause and do this throughout the game if you are feeling stuck. Keep an eye on your timer when it goes red decide if it is going to be worth using a tool to finish the board if it will better to use the energy to try again. If you plan to play for an extended time in these rooms look and see if you have talisman such as a Red Crystal that will extend your playing time in the game rooms. Don't waste time trying to clear locks you might not even need to clear. Again this falls under the what is object for the board.

Are you trying to clear 20 blue squares. You might have locks on the board that you don't need to clear. I know it's hard to not want to clear them, but if you don't need to, don't waste time doing something you don't need to do. Do use an eyeglass if you only have one square of color left to collect and time is running short, especially if it a tough board that you do not want to repeat. Agree with 2 and 4. I don't turn down the volume but I just tell myself to ignore the panic alarm while I am secretly mildly panicking but in denial.

I have not tried the screenshot method for H L but I may need to adopt your method eventually. We need Gremlin Potions we need , Brooches we need , Golden Bells we need and Raindrops we still need a whooping 59!

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Everything else we have but don't mind getting more because we are greedy like that. Gary and I have two completely different playing styles, so we sit here and ask each other why did you do that, or why don't you try that? Then one day we started writing them down and decided to share them. I go in a room and find everything I can before I ever read the list. Gary on the hand is over there reading away.

Funny enough in the game rooms it's the total opposite. He is the bull in the China shop click happy and I am the one pausing and thinking through strategy. We, your friends, are all in this with you. Your success is our success. This is so much fun being part of your project! I appreciate all the detailed posts, tips, and strategies. My natural approach is that of a bull in the China Shop like to use both split hooves to click away during morph modes especially.

Jp are we friends in the game? If not I think we should fix that leaving a message on your wall. Thank you so much for the tips, Alana! I have definitely made the mistake of 1 not looking at my objective and chasing the wrong thing and 2 getting into a panic from the countdown sounds. That is adorable. Don't know how I forgot this one. Always try to clear everything from the top first. When you start clearing things from the bottom the top gems will fall out of place and you might lose your chance to clear them.

Talking about the Shot of Vigor - I've had one active for 2 days now. I was curious how it would work, and it has been fine - just can't craft anything that takes more than an hour. If you close the game and then reset the clock before you re-open the game, the talisman will still be active, so I can take time off whenever I want, for as long as I want.

I have been resetting my clock to the talisman start time. If I want to "recharge" my friends for hiring, I go back a whole day. We might not get around to gifting today as we are getting close to turning Candy World black. It will be going down within the next couple of days. God willing and the creeks don't rise. So 50 more visits.

I'm hoping to do them tomorrow but we have a chance for sever weather. Living in tornado alley you never know what that means.

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Habrish, Thank you so much for the tips on Dark Mode. That is my least favorite mode. Talk about playing smarter and not harder! You've been a good friend.

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Thank you for all that you do so everyone can enjoy the game even more. Hi Habrish, Just wanted to let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers and I hope you will remain safe from the severe weather you are or may experience. Good luck with Candy world - that is another update I will enjoy reading once you have a chance to post one. Candy World is now black. I will be starting a new thread later when I get all my notes together.

If there's away let me know because it looks like I won't need them for awhile. My second question is what do you mean by going black? Is that the goal to black out all your sites? Or is that something you can do within the game? Thank you so much for any help you can give me. You are all great friends. On my name FL was for Friend List if anyone was wondering. It's 8pm here, time to play! Habrish, I'm incredibly impressed by your patience and persistence. I always was, but now that I've run out of quests and have to make my own, I really understand it.

So my hat's off to you! Paris, you're half right about turning your world black. The goal is to get every location to black, but that doesn't mean you can't play it any more. There are still two more levels after black Grand Master and Magister that are red.