Guide 10 Mistakes Network Marketers Make When Social Marketing

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Most network marketers have a tough time contacting people. Wow this is a big one! Not a hobby. Not a part-time job. A real business. Everyone knows that network marketing is a legitimate form of business where the real goal is to build a network of loyal customers and builders because a product is that good and beneficial for our every day life.

There is no way I am done with growing my business but there is one thing I keep crystal clear to myself and to everyone I encounter: I am not interested in enrolling everyone I speak to. It makes my follow-up so much easier.

10 Mistakes Network Marketers Make When Social Marketing by Taurea Avant - HTML preview

I have a unique system and tool I use that helps me do that. I think this is a very unrealistic task and the list often gets chucked into the bin for fear of being ridiculed or embarrassed by this list of very close friends and family! NO ONE wants to be that person who contacts every single member of the family and close friends to offer their latest product or business opportunity. The fact of the matter is that your future business partners and downline superstars that will help you gain some considerable residual income do NOT come from your close list of friends and family.

They will instead come from your acquaintances that are not your close friends. Or they will come from a referral of someone else you know but never someone you know directly well.

Mistakes New Network Marketers Make

Not really if you think of where your key relationships in life come from. If you are married or are in a relationship, chances are, your spouse was not a childhood friend that you grew up with. Sure you may begin with them and tell them to spread the word but most likely you will want to shout it from the top of the mountains and let everyone know!

The same applies to your network marketing business. Let me reiterate this point clearly.

The Worst (and Most Common) Social Media Mistakes Companies Make

The superstars in your organisation will not be the ones you know very well and most likely will be :. Because winners will almost never come from those who are close to you.

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You can confidently contact everyone. Let them be the decision maker in this, not you. You just need to inform.

Be the messenger so to speak. The whole purpose of the Invite is to get your prospect to learn more about your product or business.

MLM Mistakes: The 2 Biggest Mistakes That Network Marketers Make

In my case, my goal is to get people to ask me for more info on my product or business after which when I get that interest, I send them an email education series using once again my CRM tool I mentioned above. Businesses often rush into social media without taking the time to develop a detailed, smart strategy. Ensure you have a dedicated resource, such as a social media marketing manager, who can develop a brand voice, drive a strategy that aligns with your business priorities, and maintain customer relationships.

Avoid Social Media Marketing Mistakes by Hiring a Pro

As with all things, quality takes time. Building a big audience is fine, but these are weak relational links. It takes time to grow an actionable audience, and businesses chronically overlook this. Yes, social media can be used to get the word out about your solution and bring some recognition to your brand.

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However, buyers on social are discerning. They want high quality, educational content, not a sales pitch. Join in on the conversations going on around your brand and industry and engage with your followers. Build relationships by responding to inquiries, providing customer support, and participating in social chatter, like tweet chats. New advancements in paid social and account-based marketing ABM have created a unique way for marketers to understand their audiences better than ever before to serve up relevant messages at just the right time.

But what does that mean for social media marketers? In order to break through, brands will need to be savvier in how they connect with and engage their audiences.