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I broke my tractor. He calmly gave me whatfor for not knowing to stop before the thing bent up. Then I got angry. Very angry.

Leena Darling

With tears still streaming down my face, I told him exactly what I thought of his stupid plan to take out a tree stump. And how the hell could he expect me—a brand new tractor driver who has mostly only mowed the fields with it—to know how to take out a stump without killing a back thing? I was furious. Mostly at him for not being more compassionate—he should have taken at least half the responsibility. I was untrained for this kind of task, and should not have to be held accountable for not understanding what he wanted. Yeah, it was his fault! I told him all of that while trying to rub my sore eyes with dried-out and dirty hands.

His response was much calmer and clearer. If you have something high up, and it starts bending and pushing up more, stop. Common sense. Yes, I get it! And I do have some of that in my highly creative, sometimes flighty personality. He knew better! He held me in his arms right there in the middle of the forest, right next to the busted tractor, and told me it would be all right. We could get a new part for the top.

He also told me he understood I was upset, but it was time to get over it, and finish the rest of our land clearing. Still a tad angry, I took my frustration out on the rest of the leaves and dirt, this time leaving a huge space around the evil tree stump. It got me to thinking. Why was he being such a mean jerk?

I wanted him to always be strong and push me to my limits. But I also wanted him to turn on a dime, and be overly compassionate and extra sweet and take all the blame when I did something that made me feel bad. My final realization was that he was treating me like an equal. This means he has faith in me. But I do love the combination on occasion. I am so excited to have brand, spanking, new author, Delia Grace here today for an interview. Bernie Douglas has spent her entire life feeling inferior.

She has never been the perfect weight, had the perfect IQ, or caught the perfect guy. She has always been surrounded by beautiful people, high achievers and success, but she herself has decided she is destined to settle for her own mediocrity. However, the moment she meets the eyes of the policeman standing outside her car window, her entire life is turned upside down.

Bernie knows that Officer Levi Jackson is everything she is not; handsome, successful, and has the Midas touch. Everything he touches seems to flourish, and yet Bernie cannot accept that he truly wants her.

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No matter how she fights against his hold, she finds herself falling more and more in love with his overwhelming dominance and tender care. Levi comes from a tight-knit family, his parents and siblings giving not only encouragement and support to one another, but helping those who come to their camp to learn that they are not worthless, that they all can fulfill their dreams.

Despite her bravado, he sees a woman who is uncertain, not only about her physical appearance but about her very worth. He wants nothing more than to hold her close and teach her that she is exactly what he has been searching for his entire life… even if he has to hold her over his knees and redden her rear until she knows how very much she is loved. Will his patient encouragement and consistent discipline be exactly what Bernie needs to get out of her rut? Or is she truly too broken to be of any use to anyone? It also deals with the desire to self-harm in the form of cutting.

If any of these themes offend you, please do not purchase. About the author:. Married for over seven years to the first man who ever dated, spanked, kissed, or etc etc her in that order — wink wink she is grateful to have a real-life fairy-tale and knight in shining armor to use for inspiration in her writing. She has spent her entire life within an hour of Washington, DC, but loves to travel and meet like-minded individuals and uses all of her spare time and funds to do just that. I carried the hairbrush back to him, balanced on my upturned hands.

My heart sank. He pinned my legs with his right leg. The stool was so I could slide back and take breaks at intervals decided entirely by him. Not the stool and an implement. He put his hand out for the hairbrush. I gave it to him and he held it up to me. I kissed the back of it, part of the hairbrush ritual. In the next moment, he started brushing my hair. He had only wanted to scare me with the over the knee comment. I sagged, partly with relief, partly with disappointment. That it was just good manners not to. On our first date you spanked me for embarrassing you. Things that I know would shame both me and you.

The brush started again at the top of my head, genuine boar bristles massaging my scalp. It felt heavenly and I tried to imagine life without Simon. A nightmare. Simon Jacobson — gorgeous, sexy, smart, uber-rich and utterly smitten with Sadie Donohue. Sadie is from the wrong side of the tracks: working class neighborhood, public schools, sausages on the backyard bar-b-que. She was raised to fend for herself and bow down to no one, especially a man.

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Since meeting Simon, everything her liberated, independent mother taught her has flown out the window. And she loves it! Simon hails from a world of wealth and privilege: gated communities, private schools, servants turning steaks on the bar-b-que. As the owner of a multinational corporation he is used to giving orders and getting what he wants.

His life revolves around making millions and socializing with people whose flamboyant wealth intimidates Sadie. Or else! Best intentions aside, Sadie will always be an embarrassment to Simon. Engagement off! Simon is in charge and he has other ideas. Can Sadie reconcile her past with her future? This love story includes spanking an adult woman, explicit sex scenes and more. If such material offends you, please do not read this book.

Libby lives on the West Coast of Canada with her husband of over twenty-five years. An avid reader, she savors books that feature strong, independent women and the loving men who challenge them. She loves mountain hikes, deep bubble baths, and all animals, but particularly small dogs with big attitudes and big dogs who think they are lap dogs. She reads and writes for pure escapism. If you like her books, she hopes you will leave a review, to encourage her in my world-building.

Visit her website and blog here: Libby Campbell. Five books under one cover! About the author: Vanessa Brooks, award winning, bestselling author, writes mainly historical spanking romance. About Allysa Hart I am a full-time mom to a sassy, strong-willed, loveable little girl. Blurb: What happens when the girl who runs from everything finally decides to stay put? The whole top part bent. He is the laid back, kind, non-potty mouthed, good influence on our kids, parent I started crying.

My husband was insinuating I had no common sense? I have commons sense. But do I have engineering common sense? Who screwed up the third grade toothpick bridge, for both kids? Who does not attempt any of the fun science experiments that involve building something? It took me a few hours, and getting away from the scene, finally, to come to a new realization. He always tells me that—that he knows I can do anything I put my mind to. Sometimes, I want Daddy Hubby to take over.

But does he need to? All the time? I would hate it. And he realizes this. Then we laughed and hugged again, and it was over. But for now, we can move on. He still has to fix my first attempt at a toothpick bridge with my daughter. WP is killing me today! Deliah Grace: I have loved reading and writing since I was 6 and read my first chapter book on my own. The Boxcar Children!

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  • I remember making up fantastical stories for my siblings, that funnily enough always seemed to end with naughty bottoms getting spanked soundly. Deliah Grace: I have wanted spanking in my stories since I started reading. Deliah Grace: Spanko books! Deliah Grace: All of it. I love it. Deliah Grace: So, like I said it was 4 months of writing it, and then another 3 months for edits, cover, formatting, etc until it was released!

    I felt like 4 months was fast to write an entire book, but then the edits and stuff felt like forever. Deliah Grace: Getting to write exactly what I wanted to read. I like to laugh. I love brats and sass.

    A Writer's Naughty Thoughts

    I love witty comebacks and making fun of cliches, and I got to do all of that in my book. Deliah Grace: Edits. I hated editing it so bad. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Click the picture for ebookstore links. After Amsterdam and Berlin, Tokyo was her favorite place to explore the latest in technological sexuality. Unlike in Europe though, in Japan she would always be gaijin, and the locals off limits to her needs.

    On the crowded streets of Ginza she felt the stares and heard the unspoken contempt, Go back to where you came from , which was something it had in common with America. She was too tall, too confident, too yellow and most of all, too female. She channeled the perceived insults into taboo actions. It was a tired and bitter Emily that touched down ten hours later in a San Francisco of bone-chilling damp and a watery rising sun. She needed a hard session at the Armory before returning to work on Monday.

    Her slave had better be ready to grovel and be pussy-whipped. Byron Cane sets a torrid pace in his historical paranormal erotic novella. It is in steampunk London, and Sir Nachton MacRath is warily returning to his home isle after decades abroad. He has good reasons to steer clear of the Royal Family, but is immediately snared by the Queen herself, who anoints him, Her Chastiser of Loose Morals, complete with elevation to the upper reaches of the aristocracy.

    Rather than a quiet existence as a vampire, he is now a Peer uneasily rubbing shoulders with the most powerful men in the Empire. Phoebe Hayward is a lady of good breeding, but like all her contemporaries, longs for some excitement and romance. The more encounters with Sir MacRath she has, the more her body yearns to know what it is to submit to his vampiric touch. She surprises him — and herself — by eagerly submitting to his every desire. Together, they explore the sensual heights that a woman and a man — a vampire — can reach.

    Note: The original version of this book was included in the Lust in Lace paranormal romance anthology. Purchase The Spanking Misadventures of Stephanie by clicking the picture. Pity poor Stephanie: twenty-five years old and still spanked daily. She was intelligent, a college graduate with honors, articulate, a fashionista with a good job and an all-round delightful person with never a cross word and always a genuine smile for everyone.

    It was not her fault; genetics had blessed her with both the ideal rear end and a delightful bewildered submissiveness. It simply never occurred to her to challenge her discipline. If someone needed to spank her, well, obviously she was guilty of some offense and thus deserved to be spanked. When Stephanie crashes quite literally into the life of Ross, high flying exec in the fashion world and eligible bachelor, she is stupefied he wants her as his. A brilliantly funny, light-hearted, spanking erotic romance novella by Byron Cane, with memorable characters and a beautiful love story interwoven into the sexiness, lending a contemporary twist to the princess fairy tale.

    Come visit the Paranormal Erotic Romance website for information about the Lust anthology series. Documenting my journey that began as a submissive and evolved to a switch who Dominates. Because, nothing says 'I love you' better than a red, sore, bare bottom. Erotic, romantic, passionate fiction for all your desires Spank Me Hard… Please?

    Purchase Lust in Lace on Amazon Kindle.

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    Spank you very much Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required. So unfair! Capturing the conflict and defiance within every true submissive: the need to be chastised and loved at the same time.