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Over the last 25 years, many Westerners have been broken by what they have discovered in Uganda. In his book A Hole in Our Gospel, Rich Stearns describes how, on his first trip to Uganda as the new President of World Vision, his heart was completely broken when meeting orphan kids in a mud hut in Rakai. These are not difficult things to provide. But time and again, I have seen a sullen-faced waif with a runny nose and glassy eyes, dressed in rags and listless, turn into a vibrant, bright-eyed child with big hopes for a bright future, in a matter of months.

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God is in this scene. In showing us the needy child, He presents us with an opportunity to do His will, to be His hands and heart, to use the resources He has given us to help one of our own. Our efforts were hampered a bit when we were without electricity.

Not to worry, though, we spent the day cutting and pinning. It was great fun and the kids really appreciated the clothes. We went to one school in Mbale where some kids ranging in age 10 to 27 attended the conference. Pastor delivered the message based on 2 Timothy , which encourages, "Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved.

I was able to put some personal meaning to the Pastor's words with my own testimony. The reaction of the attendees was amazing.

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Many people left with a renewed sense of confidence and joy, all centered in the Lord. We love having you love us and we pray for you every day.

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Thank you. It's called Ride Amagara: Africa Two guys, two motorcycles and a big dream - to ride the length of Africa from Cape Town to Jerusalem in less than four months. It is the folly of youth but not just any youth. These two young men, Nolan Gallagher and Stephen Brown, both strong intelligent people are taking the ride for adventure and also to bring attention to the plight or orphans everywhere.

So far, they have shipped motorcycles to South Africa, outfitted themselves with a real-time GPS tracking device.

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They surfed one of the world's greatest surfing beaches and bungee jumped from the world's highest bridge. They have frolicked in Victoria Falls and swum the Zambezi River. They have endured crazy border crossings and have outwitted the money changers.

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They have raced giraffes and tented in the homes of hospitable strangers. On October 20, they entered Uganda in need of parts and repairs. Apparently Brownie's tire gave up fifty feet from the repair shop. I incorporate funny illustrations into my presentation using four large art boards and I would need a table that is around five feet wide and two feet deep. The presentation is minutes long. Phone: Email: gregstanley36 gmail.

Felix Matlock Vice President Resident Services for Mercy Housing Lakefront, will give us an overview of this wonderful organization that our club supports. Dec 13, Refugee Resettlement Program.

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Information: The Refugee Resettlement Program provides comprehensive resettlement services to refugees from various regions of the world during their period of adaptation to a new environment, leading them to greater self-sufficiency. Emphasis is placed on early employment for those who are eligible.

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