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Following the advent of weblogging, Piombino also began to make use the Internet, and began a blog, fait accompli. Piombino's first published poems appeared in in American Weave Literary Journal. Throughout the s, he continued to publish in small literary journals, such as The World , Dodgems , Telephone , and Roof.

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It was followed by Theoretical Objects , a collection of manifestos, aphorisms , essays, and seemingly autobiographical prose poems. Piombino's poetry took a different turn with Hegelian Honeymoon , in which he moved away from the conventions of Language poetry to explore more traditional forms. Inspired by the poetry that accompanied an exhibition of Japanese calligraphy, the poems are a cross between haiku and aphorism. Piombino initially made his literary reputation not as a poet, but as a theorist of experimental poetics.

Piombino's essays use the discourse of psychoanalysis to discuss the role of memory, history, and narrative in the construction of a style of poetry that strives to be both non-narrative and non-referential.

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Language Poets [4] Similarly, poet Ron Silliman describes Piombino's essays on poetics as "one of the journal's most important attributes. He included examples of both forms in Boundary of Blur and Theoretical Objects. Piombino's manifestos were published annually from to in the journal Ribot, edited by poet Paul Vengelisti.

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In recent years, Piombino has developed a form of aphorism that he calls "contradicta": paired aphorisms that are both true but nonetheless contradictory. A collection of these aphorisms, with illustrations by Toni Simon, was published by Green Integer Press in under the title Contradicta: Aphorisms.

From John Keats to Nick Cave: poems for every stage in life

After his return from Italy and Morocco, Piombino continued to create collages, which he describes as "visual poetry", [6] inspired by his exposure to the conceptual art movement through the work of Bernadette Mayer, Vito Acconci , and Robert Smithson. Piombino's earliest collages were created using old magazines and other found materials. Question 2. How shallow is the soul of the minister for exams? Neil Gaiman is a magician with words, conjuring alternative worlds and rich narratives in a handful of sentences and I love his poetry as much as his extraordinary novels.

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  • The witch was as old as the mulberry tree, She lived in the house of a hundred clocks She sold storms and sorrows and calmed the sea And she kept her life in a box. The opening lines still pop into my head at unexpected moments. My heart aches, and a drowsy numbness pains My sense, as though of hemlock I had drunk, Or emptied some dull opiate to the drains One minute past, and Lethe-wards had sunk. Lastly Roger McGough, a great poet and even greater champion of poetry, has written one of the most memorable poems I know about mortality.

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    He began writing poetry but did not sign his poems until one was published in Arthur Brisbane 's column. While a sportswriter and rewrite man at the Bayonne Times —23 , he wrote his first column, "Getting an Earful" later collected in a book.

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    He was the radio editor at the New York Daily Mirror , and in , he began writing "Nick Kenny Speaking," a column combining verse, jokes and observational humor with his commentary on current radio programs. The popularity of the column kept him at the New York Daily Mirror until that paper shut down in At that point, he moved to Sarasota, Florida where he wrote a column for the Sarasota Herald Tribune until his death. Kenny is mainly remembered today as the lyricist of the popular song standard, " Love Letters in the Sand ", a gold record hit for Pat Boone.

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    During the mids he was the host of The Nick Kenny Radio Hour which sometimes featured the song-and-dance team of Jacqueline and William Daniels who grew up to become the Screen Actors Guild President in In , the Three X Sisters , a popular radio harmony trio were part of his "Radio Scandal's" scripted radio act.