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You will HAVE to read the book to find out why.

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I am sure that you will love him too! Carrie E. Notes From The Publisher. Related Links:.

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Make sure to avoid giving them feed with molasses as an ingredient. Also, avoid feeding them cabbage and broccoli, as these vegetables can cause them great aches and discomfort. Buy your wallaby from a reputable breeder, and not from an auction these tend to be stressful on wallabies. You need to make sure to purchase your wallaby from a responsible breeder that you will be able to call with any questions that you may have regarding your pet wallaby.

Make sure that the breeder is willing to show you the breeding premises, so you can make sure that your wallaby was bred and born in a safe, stable environment. Make sure before you receive your wallaby from the breeder that the wallaby has been neutered if it is a male.

How to Keep Kangaroos as Pets

Feed your wallaby vegetables, grass, wheat bread, pelleted horse feed and raw fruits carrots, sweet potatoes, apples. You also need to give your wallaby a formulated wallaby food that supplies him with all the necessary vitamins and nutrition including selenium and Vitamin E. Pet wallabies always have to be bottle-raised.

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Give your wallaby a lot of space to run and run, especially when if they feel frightened or threatened. Some wallabies live quite comfortably in places as small as 50 feet by 50 feet.

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The average backyard can accommodate that size. City dwellers without backyards need not apply!

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  • Carefully train and watch your young wallaby--you could catch her grazing on your carpet, eating all of your house plants and climbing on all of your furniture and drapery if you don't train her properly. By using the site, you agree to the uses of cookies and other technology as outlined in our Policy, and to our Terms of Use.

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