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If you are a writer or a publisher who wants to be featured visit BGSAuthors - our dedicated site for authors and publishers. Thompson, an author of Sister Witch read more I did a morning's work in my favourite cafe before heading East to meet, for the first time, Philippa's daughter, Silver. She's an adorable little creature with wise eyes, and dark, features. She's quite a long baby as well and it was hard to image how, just 4 days ago, she was curled up in Philippa's stomach. My first thought, oddly, was quite a profound one; here's a little dot that I'm going to watch growing and maturing throughout the rest of my life.

I instantly felt deeply protective towards her.

The Smiler69/Chatterbox Tutored Read of "Wolf Hall": from June 1 until whenever we're done!

Philippa, Dylan, Deia, Silver and Dandelion the cat sat around the table with me, eating home made cakes and I thought what a wonderful, beautiful and eccentric nuclear family they were. I'm proud to have them in my life. Thursday, 18 October Body snatchers. Today's adventure started at the fabulous Museum of London at the Barbican, where Penny and I had been invited to the press launch of the new Body Snatcher's exhibition.

Penny was greeted like royalty by the staff there, and they seemed genuinely interested to hear about the requiem, which is now being sold in their gift shop. I adore Penny. And it seems I'm not the only one who feels this way. The body snatchers exhibition was suitably gory with terrifying wax models of various disemboweled body parts, and people with terrible skin conditions. I could go on. I won't. You're probably eating Nice wall paper From the Barbican, we went back to Penny's in Hackney to edit together three promotional films for the London Requiem. It was genuinely quite difficult to decide which movements to choose, particularly as many people of late have been telling me that their favourite movement is the Kyrie.

It's nice to have an embarrassment of riches, of course, but it's also good to have a lead single I'm told. The further I get into this whole promotional business, the more I realise it's about who you know rather than the quality of what you're selling. I need to learn to schmooze, but it embarrasses me. Still, I had my sixth repeat order of a CD today. If strangers are buying it, listening to it and then buying a second copy for a friend, then something's going right.

Someone in Australia emailed today to say it was an "important work. There was a period in my 20s when I made a lot of money out of Puccini. Now I'm in my 30s I've moved on to Gary Barlow. Let's hope Benjamin Till earns me good money in my 40s! En route to the venue, I found myself walking down Pepys Street and turning left onto Seething Lane, the site of the old Navy Office Complex where dear old Samuel Pepys years ago had just moved into his newly renovated, and terribly fancy house.

The singing went well. I made a bit of a pratt of myself by jumping up and down a lot and dancing like a loon, but it seemed to whip them into a suitable frenzy. I swore at one point. It slipped out. I guess that's what happens when two worlds collide. I'm sure everyone was too drunk to remember, and looking on the bright side, I stopped myself from saying something much more crude to congratulate them for singing one section really well.

Wednesday, 17 October Triathlon. I had a slightly funny turn in Sainbury's last night, which isn't an ideal place to find yourself when you just want the world to stop turning for a few minutes. A woman with a monotone voice kept making tannoy announcements, getting distracted and then starting again. I wanted to throttle her. Actually, take that back The last time I wrote something flippant like that in this blog, it was used against me in a court of law as an example of my erratic behaviour!

I guess I'm still on a bit of a requiem come down, and next year has started weighing heavy on my mind. There's nothing in the diary as of December and every time I contact a branch of the BBC or another production company, I'm told the same story. Cuts, cuts, cuts. More cuts. No one is in a position to take a risk and no one's interested in a documentary which isn't some kind of celebrity vehicle. I don't know what's happening to the world. What I need, of course, is a wealthy patron, who wants more music like the Requiem, and is interested in taking me on for the sake of glorious creativity!

Problem is, I have no idea where these people are. I suspect if I lived in New York, I'd know. Maybe there's an old boy network which I'll never be able to penetrate. Anyway, I calmed myself down in Sainsbury's, came home and made myself a pear and lime jelly before watching the Bake Off and several rounds of Only Connect on iPlayer If you haven't watched the latter, I suggest you do so immediately. It is, without question, the weirdest, most charming, most complicated quiz I've ever seen. The dreams replied. Classic anxiety with a twist of surrealism.

In one I'd been selected as part of the Olympic triathlon team and went back to my old school to see if my former games teacher would let me run on the school field as a kind of tragic practice. I knew in the dream that a triathlon involved running and cycling, but couldn't remember what the first discipline was meant to be.

My German teacher said she thought it was horse riding, but I'd never been on an horse, so couldn't work out why I'd been selected for the team! Suddenly a horse was riding towards me and I didn't have a clue how to get on Before I knew it, I was watching some kind of play on a traverse stage, holding my pet rat, who suddenly got spooked and darted off across the stage, causing a load of silly women in the audience to scream and stand on their chairs.

I was forced to stop the play and make an announcement. My pet rat has escaped," I said. A woman in the audience started yelling; "it's a wild rat and it's carrying the plague! He's very old and doesn't run fast. At that moment, the farce-like quality of the dream reached its climax, and a whole variety of increasingly bizarre-looking rodents ran across the stage. Long tall rats which ran on their hind legs, a tiny mouse which bit me, a ferret, a rabbit, a badger and to cap it all a possum. Pepys wrote a scandalous and gossipy entry in his diary years ago.

He'd spent the day in the company of Captain Ferrers, who seemed to have a fairly strong interest in royal court-inspired tittle-tattle, and recounted with gleeful abandon, the tale of Mrs Haslerigge, the great beauty, who'd just given birth to a child she claimed belonged either to the King or his brother, the Duke of York. What a slag!

As it turns out, neither brother took responsibility. This may come as no surprise as both were married men. In those days, however, it was considered appropriate to at least give a title to a bastard child, if all the evidence suggested it had come from royal loins. Nell Gwynn got very adept at getting titles out of Charles II! Tuesday, 16 October Don't tell me who won! A day spent composing and gyming and searching for nice-looking food that will assist my diet. A few bits of mangy fruit basically. I'm hungry all the time. I did a 6km run at the gym whilst staring miserably at people with beautiful thin torsos who didn't seem to be doing very much at all.

The Red Queen: A Novel

One bloke was pulling a little lever up and down with less effort than I put into eating jelly. Some guys are just lucky I guess. Nathan works til 8, so I feel rather aggrieved that I can't see it live. I'm obviously famous for my love of the show however because an almost bewildering number of people are texting me to ask me if I'm enjoying it. I'm posting this and then switching my phone off!! Monday, 15 October Strawberry Switchblade. Today I inched a little further forward with the Faces project. That said, Sibelius is actually responsible for my failing a tenth of my degree at York University.

Speaking of explosions, I went to the gym for the first time in 6 months this afternoon and had the mother of all realisations. I have become a fat chocolate froosler! I am now 11 kilos heavier than my target weight. I am a beached whale. A roly poly. A duvet stuffed with pillows. All this will change, of course. A project takes everything out of me. I stop looking after myself. I stop caring. I look in the mirror. I get the wake up call. I lose the weight. Except a man. And white. And poor. So, once again, I make the vow to remember what it feels like to be the size of a house, and promise never to eat myself into oblivion again.

Problem is, pasta tastes so nice. As does cheese and chocolate and sometimes, when everything is complicated or troubling, food is a lovely thing to contemplate. He was staying in an inn where Cromwell had apparently done much of his pre-interregnum plotting. The journey home was troubled. Sunday, 14 October Felix Baumgartner. Fiona, Nathan and I have just watched Felix Baumgartner throwing himself out of a tiny balloon capsule drifting above the earth at , feet. It was, without question, one of the most uncomfortable 20 minutes of my life. What a man!

We went for a roast dinner in Highgate village this afternoon before taking a little spin around Waterlow Park. That's what Sundays are for, right? Saturday, 13 October On point. The judges keep talking about vocals being "on point"; a bastardised ballet reference which feels remarkably out of place on a show like this.

I also wish Gary Barlow would learn that the word is performance instead of "preformance," which he regularly says. I woke up this morning and brushed my teeth with Savlon by mistake; a curious wake-up call. I wondered why she considered herself to be so unlucky. The post office is usually completely full of people, and under normal circumstances she would have needed to queue for much longer.

I would have thought if there was ever a day to feel unlucky it was that one. My dear friends Philippa and Dylan brought a little baby into the world at 9am this morning. They've called her Silver and I'm excited to meet her. Friday, 12 October Tea dances. I started the process today of really getting inside the Faces composition. I went to Newcastle yesterday to hang out at a tea dance with 12 wonderful overs in a community centre in Byker. I love tea dances and I adored the community centre we were in, which dates back to , with glorious wooden floorboards and art deco trimmings.

The dancers seemed to know the most astonishing number of steps. Shuffle, shuffle, step, step, little kick, step, step, shuffle, shuffle, slide, slide, turn around Every type of song has a different variation of steps, all of which all twelve dancers seemed to know. I loved watching them gliding around the hall. They were properly dignified, and terribly graceful.

There were cups of tea and wagon wheels at break time. I was sad to leave. We drove home through sheeting rain, in a big white van, and arrived in London at 3am. He wanted to be back in London taking care of his business. Thursday, 11 October Posh twat. So Cameron wants to "spread privilege, not defend it? By even saying this he is demonstrating just how of touch he is. Firstly, unless you abolish private schools, there will always be places where the wealthiest children study.

At an early age they learn to rub each others' backs. It's human nature. People defend and support their own. They offer astonishing work experience placements and incredible foreign travel.

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The children in these schools tend to continue their journeys in specific Oxbridge colleges and the cycle continues. My friends who directed plays at Oxbridge were working with actors who went straight into the business without needing to go to drama school and being produced by heirs to huge fortunes, who had money to burn. So when the rest of us were working as ushers in theatres, wondering how on earth we were going to get our heads above the parapet, the Oxbridge grads were being funded by trust fund kids who were looking for jolly japes and had daddies who were looking for tax write offs.

Money breeds money. And the cycle continues in business. A Cambridge graduate is more likely to hire a Cambridge graduate. It's completely understandable. I personally feel I have more in common with York grads. There will always be an old boy network which will always be fuelled by birth privilege. These people will always be the ruling elite and they will always be hopelessly out of touch. Cameron knows that. Without privilege he'd be no-one. And until he fills his cabinet exclusively with comprehensive school kids who studied at Stoke University, his promises are empty.

As a slightly upsetting follow up to my blog from yesterday, I understand Jimmy Savile's grave - his actual grave - has been removed, broken up and placed in a skip at the "request of his family. And yet the man has still not been found guilty of a crime. Can we not see what's happening here? This is a witch hunt. June Thornton - a former nurse - has come forward today to say that she saw Savile in a hospital "abusing" a girl with brain damage.

She says there was nothing she could do to stop it, because she was "flat on her back" at the time. Was she unable to shout? Was she unable to go to police once she was able to stand up again? If June Thornton really did just stand by and watch these crimes being committed, then she can consider herself to be an accessory and should face punishment herself. This is a nonsense and it must be s. Wednesday, 10 October Jim'll Fix It. Why do Americans always live in ridiculously numbered houses?

Do streets start at one thousand in most American towns? Is it a status thing, I wonder? I find myself deeply troubled by the allegations floating around about Jimmy Saville, as I always am when someone posthumously goes through the mangle. Quite why none of these whistle blowers emerged whilst he was alive, I've no idea. It's interesting to note that Saville's "victims" are still entitled to compensation. Were they subtly primed? This all feels like a case of trial by media. Look, I think it's clear that Jim'll was a little unsavoury, as many men of that period were.

Let us not forget, however, that in the s, all bosses slapped their secretaries arses, all uncles were creepy and all gay sex was illegal. Pop music attracts teenage girls who are impressed by celebrity and excited by the prospect of attention from a famous person. A man who finds himself surrounded by younger people will often start to identify himself as one of the gang.