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The Goddess and the Thief by Essie Fox. This novel captured my attention because of its ancient Hindu lore reference. I found the British Victorian time period perspective fascinating, along with the spiritualist medium thread.


It was said to be a stone both blessed and cursed, exerting its power over all who encounter it. All while India born, British Alice finds herself in midst of others madness over the stone and must discover a way to regain control of her life and fate. This is a sensual Victorian novel of theft and obsession and spirit. Yamamoto dreams of studying in Paris with the inspiring and vibrant Impressionist painters.

Dark shadow floating

With gorgeous, intimate and evocative scenes set in various places in Japan and Paris one longs to travel back to this time. What can one do when you knows in the depths of your heart that you must break away from tradition?

  • Seduced by Power (The Seduced Saga Book 3).
  • Branche Olive: Fleur de Lis?
  • Leaving Wayne: A Story about Overcoming Trauma, Poverty, and Addiction while Growing Up in a Time of Radical Change;
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Spiral by Judith Schara. I was excited each evening to dive into the book and to see where it went. I found the story line fascinating, along with the time period details. In addition, there are some wonderful metaphors and similes throughout the book. In England, a secret society of Druids on accident expose an ancient burial ground, a Celtic scabbard is found that hints at more treasures possibly abound.

The story is told in the omnipresent voice and it takes the reader eventually all the way to Carthage of old.

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I recommend this novel if you like female protagonists, exotic settings and characters, and the idea of genetic destiny. This is a well-told story which left me in tears at a couple of points…that says a lot! Is Isabella the daughter of a renowned German art gallery dealer, Hanna Fleischmann, whose life story holds mysteries and quite possibly the answers Lauren seeks, decades after masterpieces by modern artists have gone missing, the likes of Wassily Kadindskys, Franz Marcs, Gabriele Munters, Otto Dixs and many more.

In this touching and tearjerking novel one comes to understand how destructive darkness was wreaked upon modern art in Germany during World War II and what would eventually be lost forever and what would be saved, but at great personal risk and costs. I, Hogarth by Micheal Dean.

Dean brings to life Hogarth and his epoch, blending facts with fiction, revealing the man behind his famous and effecting work of art. Floats the Dark Shadow by Yves Fey. Madame Picasso by Anne Girard. Eva, an aspiring seamstress, who will become a designer, a creative in her own right, works behind-the-scenes in the famous Moulin Rouge under the adopted name of Marcelle Humbert. Madame Picasso is a love story exploring how passion sparked form and was recorded in masterful works of art.

These novels are currently on my highly anticipated reading list, some are newly released or soon-to-be-released…delicious…. How much of its depiction in Floats the Dark Shadow is from your imagination versus fact? All the gruesome stories about Gilles de Rais are taken from historical research about him, and from author J. I should note that recently Gilles has been presented as the victim of a political conspiracy to seize his lands. I wished I could have used even more about the strange occult underground that was practicing magic in Paris at the time.

The story of the dueling magicians is true well, how true is debatable, of course , but all the details were reported at the time, including the ensorcelled horses stopping dead in their tracks on the way to the duel. Huysmans was forewarned about the falling mirror that would have killed him.

  • Love of Art in Historical Fiction Series featuring Yves Fey & Floats the Dark Shadow;
  • Objectify.
  • Floats the Dark Shadow by Yves Fey | Stephanie Renée dos Santos.

I do plan to do more with the members of the Golden Dawn. He believed in and practiced magic, though most of his biographers just flee in embarrassment from that knowledge. MacGregor and Mina Mathers will return in later books in the series. In the Studio by Marie Bashkirtsheff.

Love of Art in Historical Fiction Series featuring Yves Fey & Floats the Dark Shadow

Set over a decade earlier than my mystery, this painting shows a class for women at the famous Academie Julien, where my heroine Theo later studied. Many foreign students, women, and French students improved their skills studied here.

Writing about Artists of History | Ashram of Arts & Mountain Shakti

Women were charged double. In the past, I had considered writing something more Colette inspired, or theatre inspired, a la Children of Paradise, but when I began I was trying to write a novel with an artist heroine. My first concept had that heroine accused of murder. She was supposed to be an aspiring artist, but she kept telling me she was a journalist. We were deadlocked and I had to scrap that book and try to begin again. There was nothing wrong with it in theory, but it refused to come alive.

Theo and Michel, my detectives, became the new protagonists. My Gilles like the original is very theatrical, and thinks of his crimes, of evil, as an art. And because J. Huysmans had just written his novel about Gilles de Rais, I wanted to pull in the literary aspect as well, and so the Revenants, my decadent poets, came into being.

My main artist medium is paint, so I wanted a painter rather than a sculptor. And her art is bolder. My group of poets, the Revenants, are influenced by the mystical and often sinister art of the Symbolist painters, as well as the poetry of the time. For frosting on this rich layer cake, Art Nouveau was just now sweeping into Paris, we look at it and are filled with nostalgia, but then it was cutting edge.

Also revisiting, recapturing lost vision as well as finding new awareness.