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But, this is the DWD! Come hell or frozen water, nothing will hamper their holiday! Words: 56, Published: January 11, by Don't Waste Daylight. Maggie and Susan are doing their last hurrah as hostesses before their family grows and responsibilities change. Pack your bags! Published: July 17, by Don't Waste Daylight. Kate and Claudia are sick and tired of LAC weekends sending them through an emotional wringer. As this month's hostesses, they have vowed to avoid their typical wussy ways and do nothing less than mess with the crew. Can they pull it off, or is the deck stacked against them?

Words: 60, Published: January 22, by Don't Waste Daylight. Once more, Ginny and Kris are sending the crew backwards. This time, they're headed to the end of their first scavenger hunt, and the task given there will force them back to the very beginning of time.

Join the club. Words: 61, Published: September 14, by Don't Waste Daylight. A prequel backstory for the Lesbian Adventure Club series. Words: 39, It's back to the s for another nice relaxing weekend at the mayor's mansion. Last time, it was anything but. This time, it's a fate worse than death. Words: 18, Lesbian Adventure Club Book It's not an LAC weekend, but Kate, nonetheless, finds herself in the middle of an adventure—a perilous one. Can the self-proclaimed misfit hero save the day? Ladies and Words: 43, LAC weekends have often ended up resembling a three-ring circus.

No surprise there. But, what would happen if Holly and Laura stepped into the role of ringmaster? Drumroll, please Words: 40, Two members of the crew have all but dropped out. The LAC weekends have ceased to be. Life as they know it has changed. Keep hoping? Accept it? Or do something drastic? One guess. Lisa Burstein. Heidi Rice. Fortune's Family Secrets. Karen Rose Smith. Rita Herron. Essy and the Christmas Kitten. Annie Reed. The Millionaire Takes a Bride. Kate Little. Santa Claws. Kris Pearson. Sophia Hampton.

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