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Bomb Peking. Behind which as in age golden he reclined in or in sat In his own burgher eden garden armed to his hat Where was stirring forever nyet, but abounding the peace That his was in sickness tragical to fight without no cease. But alack, burgher weren't. In garden were. Once upon a time when man begun To fight his fellow man with all them big gun And them bomb. And bomb got big and dangereux, then come Much talk not use big bomb, or use not much. Mixed in was money talk, how fellow men. If put in clover were, be pronto frien'. So den much argue what ze old guy say: Give quarter?

Give no quarter?

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Till one heap ,big-voice chief say what to do Was give ze works to fellow men: give bomb and dough. So did. But plan no good. Ze fellow men Got foeful fierce and heap much bad words pen. So chiefs got mad and said them words not nize And said old wise guy best been shot sunrise. Mebbe in China soon on some ole junk In middle of Yangtze as go clunk clunk Ze mandolin from shore of ole Yangtze, Some kind ole warlord fix it with chief Commie To bring back Chiang Kai-shek from cross ze sea.

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An interactive theatrical experience that looks at a family trying to deal with terminal illness within the household. The Musical Canvas follows the story of a painter who uses sounds to find inspiration for his art. Come experience this entertaining and heart-warming musical and witness how love and tolerance can resolve any conflict. We noticed you have Javascript disabled. Some features may not work correctly. For the full site experience, please enable Javascript on your web browser. Singapore An Esplanade Production. Weekday Timings: 9.

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Esplanade Theatre Studio. It's a club for kids to experience the arts from young and it's free to join! Find out more about buying tickets or read our FAQs General Advisory For information about late seating, house rules, photography and more, please refer to our general advisory. So life mit the sad sheep Did heap many riches mit critics and publishers reap.

And holly wood heavenward poet no longer pauvre ran. Sheep also ran. If boy said loyal bomb kill "peaceful citizen," That's when.

And if that muddle youth shd madly add then oh fie That him who drop bomb crime done did, that lie Would die For no one else to speak it but Hanoi. Rule l: all US soldier; boy. Rule 2: no boy Hanoi. But are we Red Cross knights not mucky lucky That rules is side of always our boys plucky?

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And labels like such "criminal" the thought yet So righteous we that never have we thunk nyet? For hearkened we to speakspooks we might find Our bomber boys did but as Dad opined. Come label then, could Dad be far behind?

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These poems appeared in the September 10, issue of the magazine. Shaggy Once upon a time, a long time not ago, in Flint, Mish. Give Shaggy Once upon a time when man begun To fight his fellow man with all them big gun And them bomb. Mebbe Soon Rickshaw Shaggy. A Diversion: Modern American Nature Poet Shaggy Once upon a time, only quite recent, in a truth moment, A poet pauvre struggling his fame to foment To somewhat and more, hired a van Out to move him en toute famille on the autobahn To pasture new where his oaten stuff cd be heard Farder than like he were lumpenprole merely bird.

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Sad Postscript Shaggy "The thought of 'those American boys' being labelled war criminals, he [President Johnson] said, was 'deplorable and repulsive'.